we are pushing the boundaries of live electronica

Rinse, Repeat
Are you ready to open your ears and your mind? Hebe Music has put together evening that just may change your thoughts on music. Friday January 19,2012 will feature a great balance of electronic and live music with soul moving rythyms.
Sakima performs a plethora of musical tastes and varieties paying homage to rock, jazz, funk, blues, bluegrass, reggae and world fusion.  This trio blends these many textures of sound together to create new concepts with an all original expedition. After spending some time in the barn/laboratory, Sakima is ready to hit the scene and permeate the ears of their listeners with music that comes direct from the heart and soul. Promote unity and peace by bringing people together, Sakima celebrates life while expressing their collective complex nature via musical exploration and experimentation.
Rinse, Repeat. was formed in 2007 when guitarist Justin Strollo got a hold of Paul Agemian via the internet. Both recorded music in a small town in the Pinelands of NJ. Since then, a bassist(Ted Gorczynski), a second guitarist(Mike Gorczynski/Dave De Tata), a percussionist/flutist(Ken Ditmars) and finally a drummer(Jayme Rivel). Musical exploration has always been paramount for the group, and infl…uences include Shpongle, Pink Floyd, Steve Vai, Ott, Porcupine Tree, world music, and many more. The overall sound has been referred to as “rocktronica”, and “space cadetism”. But labels are avoided if possible. You really just have to hear for yourself. Rinse, Repeat. has shared the stage with such notable acts as: The Crystal Method, Ajja, Kilowatts, Infected Mushroom, Tommy Hamilton, Telesma, and many more. With driving rythyms, complex melodies, shredding guitars and booming basslines, Rinse, Repeat. is pushing the boundaries of live electronica. Listen for Rinse, Repeat on the Hebe LIVE radio show 1/22/12
When it comes to Groovalicious, Funktastic, Good-Time Vibes, there’s nothing like a little Sensi, Suburban Sensi, The freshest rhymes, licks and beats to come out of Jersey since George Clinton left Plainfield, Suburban Sensi is here to move not just your body, but your Soul. What was once just a group of young dudes hanging around and jamming in a basement has evolved into a musical mission; A desire to spread good vibes and good tunes throughout, to all those Tuned In, Connected, Vibe-Friendly people around the World. Blowing minds with a fresh to death Demo back in 2009, Sensi recently took our ears by storm with a full length, ‘Creation’ released in the Spring of 2011. A delicious mosaic of all your favorite tunes, Suburban Sensi serves a single principle; To Rock your Soul, Open your Mind and Align you with our Perpetual Groove. Listen, Feel, and Share some Sensi with your friends
The show on January 25th start De Novoo taking the stage at 7pm. cover is $8 and has always BYOB
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